Keep row headers visible in SSRS

This article demonstrate, how to keep row header visible while scrolling down on  report page also making row header appears on each page. Lets see… Read More »Keep row headers visible in SSRS

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OPENINGBALANCEMONTH function is a Power BI time intelligence DAX function which evaluates evaluates the specified expression for the date corresponding to the end of the… Read More »OPENINGBALANCEMONTH Function DAX

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Unpivot Columns in Power BI

Power Query provides a feature that is Unpivot columns which allows you to transform columns into attribute-value pairs, where columns become rows. Columns that you… Read More »Unpivot Columns in Power BI

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Create a Data Profiling report

The data profile allows a intuitive ways to clean, transform, and understand data which helps you identifying the nuances of the data such as determining… Read More »Create a Data Profiling report

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