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Load Data from Excel file to Power BI

This article demonstrate how to connect and load data from excel file to Power BI.

Lets go step by step, here you can see we have a excel file named Global-Superstore as shown below.

This is our source file that we will connect and load into Power BI.

Now, open Microsoft Power BI Desktop and click on Get Data, select Excel Workbook under Common data sources else you can click on More.. option then select Excel Workbook.

After that click on Connect button as shown below.

Now once you click on Connect, it asks you to select the source file location. Just select the file that you want to connect.

Once you select the file, you will see a notification window as shown below. You need to wait until connection is established.

After that, you will see a pop up window named Navigator.

Just expand the excel folder, you will see the list of available sheets that you have in your excel workbook.

If you select the sheet or table, it shows the Data Preview of selected file.

As you can see the preview of the sheet. Now, If you want to change the data type of fields or make any transformation in file then click on Transform Data otherwise just click on Load.

Once you click on Load, you can see a connection is created in model. You need to wait until it is completed.

Once it is done, you can see the table named Global-Superstore is created in fields pane as shown below.

Lets see, the data for this you can quickly go to data view pane as shown below.

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