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SQL Server Tricks & Tips

SQL Server Tricks and Tips includes techniques that helps and makes your task easy with SQL Server.


Get Dark theme in SQL Server Management studio

Get the detailed information of all datatypes in SQL Server

Useful SQL Server Download links

Deal with SQL Server Verbose Truncation Warnings

Display currency symbol in SQL Sever?

Displaying Emoji in SQL Server

Create a custom shortcuts in SQL Server

Displaying line numbers in Query Editor Window

Get information about database objects and data type

SQL Server Code Snippets Feature in SSMS

SQL Server Template Explorer in SSMS

Change the column name and data type of result set of stored procedure

Solved: The Saving changes is not permitted error, when table is edited from design view in SSMS?

Change the color of automatic matching of syntax pairs in SQL Server Management Studio

Print Christmas Tree in SQL Server

Check column existence in table

Create an Ordinal Number ( that is 1st, 2nd, 3rd,..) in SQL

Delete White Space around the text 

SSMS keyboard Shortcuts

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