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Enable Dark theme in SQL Server Management studio

How to get dark theme for SQL Server Management studio?

By default it is hidden in SQL Server management studio, you can quickly check by following below steps.

Go to menu click on Tool> Options.

After that > Click on Dropdown Color theme as you can see there is no option to choose dark theme.

So, To enable Dark theme you have to make some changes, following below steps.

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)

Open this folder and search for the file –  ssms.pkgundef

Once file is searched then right click on file and open it with notepad++ in edit mode.

Once you open the file in notepad++ then search for – Remove Dark theme.

As you can see at the bottom remove dark theme statement is there in file, now you need to comment the statement by adding // before Rootkey statement as shown in below screen.

after adding // before RootKey then save the file and relaunch the SQL server Management studio.

Now again go to menu> click on Tool then > Options.. >Click on Dropdown Color theme

Now, this time you will see one more option is added in dropdown list that is Dark , for dark theme.

Click on dark theme and click to OK button to save final changes.

Next, you will see that SQL Server Management studio theme will be turned to the dark theme.


Also you will notice that object explorer pane still showing with the default theme, may be dark theme is still under in development phase that why it is hidden for users as of now.

However, you can enjoy dark theme experience until it is officially released by Microsoft in next SSMS build release.

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