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Display employees and their manger name in SQL

This is one of the most asked SQL interview Question that write a SQL Query to display Employees and Manager name of the employee.

Let’s create a sample table using below scripts.

CREATE TABLE EmployeeDetails

INSERT INTO EmployeeDetails 
(101, 'Jhone Henery', '', 0),
(102, 'Mohit Singh', '', 101),
(103, 'Jenlia jr.', '', 101),
(104, 'Akash Kumar', '', 101),
(105, 'Mangesh Singh', '', 103),
(106, 'Ajay Agarwal', '', 103),
(107, 'Punit Negi', '', 102),
(108, 'Suraj Gupta', '', 105),
(109, 'Ranjit Singh', '', 105),
(110, 'Manmeet kumar Singh', '', 107);

Now, we have created a table name EmployeeDetails and inserted some sample records into this table.

SELECT * FROM EmployeeDetails;

Now to display employees and their managers name in SQL, we need to use self-join on the EmployeeDetails table as shown below.

SELECT emp.EMPID, emp.EMPName, emp.MailID, Mgr.EMPName AS MangerName 
FROM EmployeeDetails emp 
LEFT OUTER JOIN EmployeeDetails mgr
ON emp.manager_id = mgr.empid

Let’s understand the above SQL Query, it uses the left outer join to match each employees with their corresponding manager based on the Manager_ID in the EmployeeDetails table and returns null for non matching Manager_ID.

Let’s execute the query and you can see the output. It returns the employees and their managers name.


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