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SQL Server Advance Concepts includes Stored Procedures, Views, triggers, Complex SQL Queries, Index, Performance Tunning, Database Mail Configuration, SQL Server Agent Job Scheduling and so on..

View Collation Information in SQL Server

Collations in SQL Server provide sorting rules, case, and accent sensitivity properties for your data. You can easily find SQL collation at the server, database… Read More »View Collation Information in SQL Server

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Script table in SQL Server

You can script a table from database using a SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Server Management allows you to script out tables from database using… Read More »Script table in SQL Server

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The IDENT_CURRENT function returns the last IDENTITY value generated for any specific table or view on an identity column in any session and any scope.… Read More »IDENT_CURRENT Function

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SQL Vulnerability Assessment

SQL Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is an easy to use tool that you can use to identify, track, and remediate potential database vulnerabilities. The VA service… Read More »SQL Vulnerability Assessment

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SQL ROLLBACK Transactions

SQL ROLLBACK transaction statement rolls back an explicit or implicit transaction to the beginning of the transaction. If savepoint is specified then it rolls back… Read More »SQL ROLLBACK Transactions

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