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SQL Functions

SQL Server Function includes  Aggregate functions, Conversion functions, Analytics functions, Date functions, Logical Functions, String funcitons, and System functions

SQL Random Number

SQL RAND function is a mathematical function which returns a pseudo-random float value from 0 through 1, exclusive or a random value within any range.… Read More »SQL Random Number

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SQL Server STRING_AGG Function

SQL Server STRING_AGG() Function is string function which concatenates values for any given string expressions and separate them a specified separator.

It does not add the separator at the end of the result string.

String expression values are implicitly converted to string types and then concatenated.

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SQL Server Lead Function

SQL Server LEAD() function is a Analytics function that provides access to a row at a specified physical offset which follows the current row.

Basically, LEAD() function provides access to a row at a given physical offset that follows the current row.

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SQL Server @@ERROR

SQL Server @@ERROR is a global variable that returns an error number if the last statement encountered an error but we have to trace it within just after the next line where the actual error occurred, otherwise, it will reset to 0.

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SQL Server @@IDENTITY function is a system function that is used to get the last IDENTITY value generated for any table with an identity column under the current session, regardless of the scope of the T-SQL statement that generated the value.

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SQL Server CONCAT_WS Function

SQL Server CONCAT_WS() function is a string function that is used concatenates two or more strings together with a separator.

It separates those concatenated string values with the delimiter specified in the first function parameter.

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