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Power Query in Power BI

Power Query in Power BI allows us to transform the data from an existing data sources that helps us to analysis the data in better way.

Getting Started With Power Query

Refresh error due to column name change in data source

Group By the data using Power Query

Create Index column using Power Query

Merge Queries

Append Queries

Import text using examples feature Power BI

Pivot columns – turn rows into columns

Unpivot columns

Split Columns By Positions

Choose and Remove Columns from table

Data Profiling: Column Quality, Column Distribution & Column Profile

Fill values operation: fill down and fill up

Add column from examples

Show last refresh date & time in report

Add Custom column

Add Conditional column

Change column data type

AI Insights in Power BI (Text Analytics, Vision, Azure Machine Learning)

Using IN operator in Power Query M code

Remove duplicate and keep latest record in table using Power Query

Replace multiple columns values in Power Query

Replace multiple values in one column Power Query

Date functions in Power Query

Difference between two dates in Power Query

Remove occurrence of matching rows from table

Running totals in Power Query

Adding Prefix and Suffix to values in column

Handle NULL values in Power Query

Add comments to Power Query steps

          Create and invoke custom function

Create Custom Function to get two dates difference 

Error Handling in Power Query

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