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Power BI November 2021 update

Microsoft Power BI team has recently released November updates such as page and bookmark navigators, new format pane preview feature, sort legend, new text box formatting options and many more..

First, you need to download the November 2021 version of Power BI Desktop, it can be downloaded from Microsoft official website.

Download the latest version : Download Power BI latest Version

Lets explore New Format pane, sort legend and Text box new formatting options one by one.

New Format Pane

Once you download the latest version, open Power BI Desktop then unbale the new format pane preview feature using following steps.

File > Options and settings > Options > Preview Features > New format pane.

Once you unable the New format pane feature click on ok then close Power BI desktop then re-open.

Now you can see the New format pane. Lets explore few of feature that has been added in new format pane.

You can see now formatting cards are split into two parts that is Visual settings and General settings.

The Visual settings contain cards which apply only to the visual type you are currently working with while the General settings contain cards that affect the visual container and are consistent across all visual types.

Revert all settings to default

You can also see the option for Revert all settings back to default feature in format setting options. Now you can easily revert all the settings by one click instead of opening each card and clicking revert to default.

Highlighting match in search

Search fields will be highlighted in yellow color as you can see in below screen.

To explore all the new changes and features that has been added in new format pane, you can read New Format Pane Features.

Sort Legend

It allows you to sort the legend direction in ascending or descending order.

Go to visual header and click on ellipsis (…). 

Next, Navigate to Sort Legend then select the legend field and sort order either by ascending or descending order by clicking on option Sort ascending or Sort descending.

You can see legend are sorted in ascending order.

Text box super, subscript and bulleted lists

You will get three new formatting options that has been added in text box that is superscript, subscript and bulleted lists.

Subscripts appear at or below the normal line while superscripts are above.

Bulleted lists is a series of items preceded with symbols instead of numbers.

Superscript option

Subscript option

Bulleted lists


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