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SQL Interview Q & A

A Series of SQL Server basics to advanced level SQL Interview questions and answers that are commonly asked in interivew.

Cascading referential integrity in SQL Server

Cascading referential integrity constraints are foreign key constraints that is used to defines the action that SQL Server performs when a user try to delete or update a primary key value to which an existing foreign key points.

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SQL Server Stored Procedures Vs User Defined Functions

What is the difference between SQL Server Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions (UDF)?

Following are the some major difference between Stored procedures and User Defined functions

Return a value

Stored procedure may or may not return a value while UDF function must return a value.

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SQL Server Verbose Truncation Warnings

SQL Server Verbose Truncation Warnings 

Sometimes we receives data truncation error in SQL Server such as “String or binary data would be truncated” and it does not specify exact source of error in terms of  Database name, table  name , column name and truncated values.

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HOW TO FIND Nth Highest Salary in SQL Server

HOW TO FIND Nth Highest Salary in SQL Server ?

This is one of the most common SQL Server interview questions is to find the Nth highest salary of employee with their details. 

Where N could be any number for e.g. 1, 2,3, ..and so on

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