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SQL ROLLBACK Transactions

SQL ROLLBACK transaction statement rolls back an explicit or implicit transaction to the beginning of the transaction. If savepoint is specified then it rolls back… Read More »SQL ROLLBACK Transactions

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SQL Server Computed Columns

A computed column is a virtual column which is used to add a new column to a table with the value derived from the values of other columns in the same table.

Computed column is not physically stored in the table, unless column is marked PERSISTED and it is persisted only if its expression is deterministic.

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A foreign key is a key used to link two tables together. This is sometimes also called as a referencing key , usually a primary key table is considered as a parent table while a foreign key table is considered as a child table .

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How to access a data of table from another database in SQL Server?

How to copy a data of table from another database in SQL Server?

Suppose, you have a database1 and table1 and one another database2 and table2  in SQL server.

Now you are required to select data of a table1 of database1 from database2 of table2.

What would be a query for that?

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