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SP_MONITOR is a SQL Server Database Engine system stored procedure which is used to Display statistics about Microsoft SQL Server.


EXEC sp_monitor

It returns two code values either o or 1

0 means success

1 means failure

Following statement uses sp_monitor system stored procedure to display the statistics.

EXEC sp_monitor

Here result set showing CPU busy – 177717(240)-35%, it means the CPU has been busy 177717 seconds since SQL Server was last started up and 240 seconds since sp_monitor was last run and 35 percent of the total time since sp_monitor was last run.

Following is the complete description for sp_monitor stored procedure output.

last_run Time sp_monitor was last run.
current_run Time sp_monitor is being run.
seconds Number of elapsed seconds since sp_monitor was run.
cpu_busy Number of seconds that the server computer’s CPU has been doing SQL Server work.
io_busy Number of seconds that SQL Server has spent doing input and output operations.
idle Number of seconds that SQL Server has been idle.
packets_received Number of input packets read by SQL Server.
packets_sent Number of output packets written by SQL Server.
packet_errors Number of errors encountered by SQL Server while reading and writing packets.
total_read Number of reads by SQL Server.
total_write Number of writes by SQL Server.
total_errors Number of errors encountered by SQL Server while reading and writing.
connections Number of logins or attempted logins to SQL Server.


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