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Data Visualization With Power BI

Learn to analysis data with power Bi, create reports and dashboard using power bi.

Create a Data Profiling report

The data profile allows a intuitive ways to clean, transform, and understand data which helps you identifying the nuances of the data such as determining… Read More »Create a Data Profiling report

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Power BI Report Performance Analyzer

Performance Analyzer is a tool within Power BI desktop, that allows you assess your report’s performance and identify area of improvement. Using this you can… Read More »Power BI Report Performance Analyzer

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Sort By Months Name in Power BI

When you perform sorting on months name, you will see that months name are sorted alphabetically as text, strings are sorted alphabetically by default. While… Read More »Sort By Months Name in Power BI

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What If Parameter Power BI

What if Parameter gives you the ability to transform data dynamically. Using this you can easily evaluate you data behaviour under different conditions dynamically. Lets… Read More »What If Parameter Power BI

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Parameters in Power BI

Introduction to Parameters in Power BI Desktop Parameters in Power BI provides the flexibility to change the output of queries depending on their value dynamically.… Read More »Parameters in Power BI

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