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Add Saprkline to matrix in Power BI

Microsoft Power BI team has released a December 2021 update. In this update they have added new features and one of the most excited feature that you would like is new Sparklines preview feature.

Sparklines are tiny charts shown within cells of a table or matrix, so that you can easily compare a large number of trends quickly.

Following are some key points that we need to know about sparklines.

  • Power BI supports up to five sparklines per visual.
  • You can display up to 52 points per sparkline.
  • For performance reasons, the maximum number of columns in a matrix will also be limited to 20 when sparklines are enabled.

Lets see how to add Sparkline to matrix.

First you need to have Power BI desktop December 2021 version, you can download the latest Power BI desktop version from microsoft official website –

You can see we have a matrix which display total sales by items.

Now go to build visual pane then right click on numeric field then select Add sparkline as shown below.

Now a dialog box will appear, the numeric field you started with will be prepopulated for the y-axis. If you want to change that field you can change the both the field and summarization type.

Now for x- axis you need to selected a date column as shown below.

After that click on Create, a Sparkline will be automatically added to matrix as a new column.

You can see a new field for Sparkline is added into values field.

You can also format the Sparkline such as you can change the line color, size, width and also can change the line into columns. It also allows you to show the highest and lowest, first and last values on Sparkline.

Lets highlight the highest and lowest sales on Sparkline, for this go to Format visual pane then expand the Marker tab and select the Highest and Lowest markers as shown below.

You can also change the color for the markers.

Now you can see the highest and lowest sales on Sparkline.

You can also change the markers type as of now it is circle you can also change it to another if required, for this you can select markers type as shown below.

Lets change the chart type from a line to a column chart

Now you can see the line has been changed into columns.

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  1. Is this with desktop version only feasible? Even I have enabled the option, the functionality does not appear. I think Azure Analysis Services is mandatory.

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