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SQL DATEPART() function is used to get a part of any specific date , it could be a day, month, year or time of specific date.

It always returns an integer which is a part of a date.


DATEPART(datepart, inputdate)

datepart is the part of a date to be extracted.

inputdate is the date from which the date part is extracted.

Lets look at an example of DATEPART() function in SQL .

DECLARE @date DATETIME = '2018-03-27 18:23:45.470';
SELECT  DATEPART(year, @date) as  year,
DATEPART(quarter, @date)  as quarter,
DATEPART(month, @date) as month,
DATEPART(day, @date)  as day,
DATEPART(dayofyear ,@date) as dayofyear,
DATEPART(Week ,@date) as week,
DATEPART(hour, @date) as  hour,
DATEPART(minute, @date) as minute,
DATEPART(second, @date)  as second ,
DATEPART(millisecond, @date) as millisecond ,
DATEPART(microsecond, @date) as microsecond ,
DATEPART(nanosecond, @date) as nanosecond


 As you can see, it returns all the part of date accordingly.

So using a datepart() function, you can get any part of date.

Below, given are the valid datepart list that you can use to get a part of date as per your requirement.

day                  d, dd 
month                m, mm
year                 yy, yyyy
quarter              qq, q
hour                 hh
minute               mi, n
second               ss, s
millisecond          ms
microsecond          mcs
nanosecond           ns
week                 wk, ww
dayofyear            dy, y

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