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Create an Azure Data Lake Database

Create an Azure Data Lake Database


Azure Data Lake Analytics comes with a catalog that comes with a Master Database, you can also create your own database.

Before creating a Azure Data Lake Database, first you must have an Azure Data Lake Anaytics account, and to process data in Azure Data Lake Analytics, you need an Azure Data Lake Analytics account and associate it with an Azure Data Lake store, if you do not know how to create an azure Data lake analytics account, you can refer the post – Create an Azure Data Lake Analytics account.

Lets create an Azure Data Lake Database.

Go to Home page, select ResourceGroup under that ResourceGroup click on Data Lake Analytics Account, here we have azuredatalakeacc.



After that, New Job page opens, next specify jobs name, that is createDatabase.

In code editor, we will write a U-SQL Scripts that creates a database named as Db_live.




After clicking on submit button, you will get a status as succeeded, if job executed successfully.



Now go into your Catalog, and check for database that you created.

Go to your Data Lake Analytics account, and click on Data Explorer.




Once you click on Data Explorer, a Data Sources page opens, then click on Catalog there you can see the database db_live that you created.

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