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Connect Azure SQL database from local machine

You can connect Azure SQL Database from local machine using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Before connecting to Azure SQL Database from SSMS make sure that your IP address is allowed through the Azure SQL Database firewall. Because, when you create a new database in Azure SQL Database, a server-level firewall blocks all access to the public endpoint for the server.

If you do not allow access to the server you will get an error “Your client IP address does not have access to the server”

Log into Azure Portal, you can see home page. Now we will configure server level IP firewall rules to enable the access to the server.

Click on SQL Database service as shown below.

Now, it navigates you to on SQL Databases page, select the database.

After, that click on Set server firewall as shown below.

You it navigates you to on Networking page, here you can configure server level IP firewall rules.

In Public access tab, scroll down and you will see a Firewall rules.

[Learn more about server level IP firewall rules, click to read]

Here, click on Add your client button.

Once you click on Add IP button, it creates a rule which enable clients to access your entire server.

After that click on Save button.

Now, you will be able to connect to Azure SQL Database from local machine (SSMS).

To connect to Azure SQL database, you need login credentials.

You can see the server name, you can go to the SQL Databases then click on Overview tab as shown below.

Go to SQL Server Management Studio, provide login credential server name, login Id and password then click on Connect button.

Now, you can connect to Azure SQL Database.

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