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Funnel Chart Power BI

A funnel chart allows you to visualize a linear process that has sequential connected stages.

It is named as funnel because in most of cases, a funnel chart is shaped like a funnel with the first stage being the largest, and each subsequent stage smaller than its predecessor.

Following are some considerations when to use funnel chart, recommended by Microsoft:

  • when the data is sequential and moves through at least 4 stages.
  • when the number of “items” in the first stage is expected to be greater than the number in the final stage.
  • to calculate potential sales, revenue, so on.. by stages.
  • to calculate and track conversion and retention rates.
  • to reveal bottlenecks in a linear process.
  • to track a shopping cart workflow.
  • to track the progress and success of click-through advertising/marketing campaigns.

Lets see, how to create a funnel chart in Power BI step by step.

Here we have a sample dataset named StageMaster, which contains the status of applicant at various stages.

StageId Stage Status
1 Applied for Job 1660
2 Profile Shortlisted 1500
3 Scheduled Interview 1200
4 Qualified Interview Round 1 900
5 Qualified Interview Round 2 650
6 HR Round 540
7 Hired 490

Lets create a funnel chart that shows status flow of applicant sequentially from one stage to the next.

Go to Visualization pane, and select Funnel visual on blank report page as shown below.

Now go to Fields pane, In dataset StatgeMaster > select Stage and drag into Group fields of Funnel visual and drag Status field to Values fields of funnel visual as shown below.

Now you will see a funnel chart is created as shown below.

You can see it visualizes a process that has stages and status flow of applicant sequentially from one stage to the next.

You can see the status of applicant is showing in thousands, in case if you want to see the actual number you can format the funnel chart.

Lets make it more informative and attractive by formatting, go to format pane of visual.

In Format pane, go to Data colors, and enable Show all.

Once you enable Show All, you can customize the color for all stages.

Lets customize the color for each stages.

Next, go to Data Labels, here you can customize the color for data labels and set display unit for data labels.

Lets change the Display Units to NONE to show the actual number of status on visual.

Similarly you can also explore other properties of chart as per your requirement such as customizing the color and font size of Title and Category.

Once you done with the formatting part, lets take a look at our funnel chart.

You can see, now it is looking more attractive and informative.

Also note that when you hover the mouse over a bar, it displays a valuable information.

You can see, it displays the name of the stage, the status of applicant currently in this stage, Percent of first that is overall conversion rate  (% of Applied for Job), and the stage-to-stage (also known as Drop Rate) which is the % of the previous stage that is HR Round stage/ Hired Stage.

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