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Word Cloud custom visual in Power BI

A Word Cloud visual is a Power BI custom visual that visualize the frequency of word for the given text. The word which has the highest frequency is shown larger than others in visual.

It can be download or import to Power BI from Power BI marketplace.

Lets see how to use Word Cloud visual in Power Bi.

First go to visualizations pane, click on Ellipsis (three … dots) as shown in below screen.



Now click on Get more visuals



Now you search for Word Cloud visual in Search bar, or you can see it in suggested list.



Next, Click on Add button to import Word cloud visual in your Power Bi desktop.


After that, lets move to dataset, Here we have a sample data set of feedback given by customers about product.


Now you want to analysis the feedback based on the frequency of word in given feedback.

For this we will drag a word cloud visual on report page, It will visualize the frequency of word for the given text. The word which has the highest frequency is shown larger than others, means if the word ‘good’ is used maximum time in the feedback given by customer, then word ‘good’ will be shown larger in size then other word in visual.

Lets drag, the word visual on report report pane.

As you can see, Word ‘Good’ is showing larger in size in comparison to other words, that means the word ‘good’ is used maximum time in feedback in comparison to other words.


You can also remove meaningless words, or proposition such as Its, was, in , exclamation mark from visuals, and that words are called as stop word.

By default this visual have default lists of stop word, so it can remove such words from text, if you turned on the Default stop words property.


Go to Visual Format Property > Turned on Default Stop words inside Stop words property

Now you can see, proposition, and meaningless words are removed from text.

In case, if you want to remove any specific text from visual, you can pass that in specify that in word

text box under Default stop words Property.

As you can see, there are numbers 2, 3 , 4, and 5  in visual. that is not useful for our analysis so we can also remove by passing them manually.


Go to Visual Format Property > turned on Default Stop words (If you want to use visuals default lists of stop words) inside Stop words property > word : Provide word separated by space that you want to remove from visual.

As you can see, now numbers are also removed.


If you do not want rotate text, you can turned off the rotate text property.

Go to format property > Rotate text: Turned off



Lets filter the feedback in table that contains the word ‘good’. Just click on text ‘Good’ on visual.


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