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Ribbon Chart in Power BI

Ribbon chart is used to visualize the data and quickly identify which data category has the highest rank (largest value).

Ribbon charts are effective at showing rank change, with the highest range (value) always displayed on top for each time period.

Lets see, how to create a Ribbon chart in Power BI.

In Visualization pane, click on the Ribbon Chart as shown in the below screenshot.

Lets drag Sales field from field pane to Values  field, Order Date Year field to Axis field and Region field to Legend field.

You can see the ribbon chart is created.

When you hover any position in-between the two bars, a Tool-tip show the information of Previous year Region Sales, Next year Region Sales, Sales change percentage, and the Rank for previous and next year.

You can see, that how rank changes across time. As it shows for North category rank moves from third to fourth from Year 2012 to 2014.

In case when you hover over any bar, a Tool-tip shows information about name of Region, Year and Sales.


Format Ribbon Chart

Lets add data labels to chart and Set formatting options for your data labels.

In Formatting pane, turn on Data labels as shown below.

Lets change the data label display unit to thousand.

Go to values section, and change the display unit to thousand.

Now, set the formatting for ribbons.

Lets adjust the space that appears between ribbons. The number is the percentage of the column’s maximum height.

In Ribbon section, go to spacing and change the spacing number. The number is the percentage of the column’s maximum height.

You can also set the Connector color which allows you to match the color of the ribbons with the series color. When set to off, ribbons are gray as shown below.

You can also set the formatting for Connector Transparency which specifies how transparent the ribbons are, with the default set to 30.

Similarly, you can also explore other formatting such as borders, color, font size and so on..

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