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In this tutorial, you will learn the step by step approach to create a new project in SSRS.

First, Click on Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) >then, select the File option from Menu Bar >

Next ,Select New > After that, click on Project…

Now after clicking on the Project… option, It opens New Project window .

Then, click on Reporting Services > Report Server Project > then choose a Name for project > Next , you see a Location, Solution & Solution Name, which are auto filled by default . You can be modified them  > Finally, Click on OK button


Once you click on OK button , It Creates a new SSRS Project that you can see at Solution Explorer.

As you can see that we have three folders under the SSRS New project.

Shared Data Source:

Shared data source is a set of data source connection properties that can be referenced by multiple reports, models, and data-driven subscriptions that run on a Reporting Services report server .

Shared DataSets:

Shared data set provides a way to share a query to help provide a consistent set of data for multiple reports.


This folder is used to create SSRS Reports.

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