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List Report in SSRS

List is used to create a create free-form reports or forms, such as invoices, or in conjunction with other data regions.

Lets see how to create a List Report in SSRS step by step.

As you can see, here we have a sample Report solution.

Now, right click on Reports folder, then Navigate to Add then Select New Item….

After that a Add New Item window opens, select Report and renamed it as RptList.

Then click on Add button.

Once you click on Add button, you will see a RptList.rdl is created inside Reports folder.

Also you can see two tab design and preview.

Now we will add a Data Source, go to report data pane, right click on Data Sources folder then select Add Data Source…

Once you click on Add Data Source, you will see it asks you either select embedded connection or use Shared data source reference.

If you already have a shared data source and you want to use that data source for this report then you can select use shared data source reference else you can create a new embedded connection for this report.

Here we will go with shared data source as shown below.

Once you click on OK button, a Data source is created as shown below.

Now we will add a DataSets for this report, again we will be using a Shared dataset for this report. Also you have a choice to create a embedded dataset for this report.

Once you click on Add Dataset…, a Dataset Properties dialog box opens.

Now you can select either Use a shared dataset option, or Use a dataset embedded in my report.

After that click on OK button, and you will see a Dataset is created inside Datasets folder.

Now time to create a list report. Right click on design surface then navigate to Insert and select List from context menu.

Now List item is added to design surface as shown below.

Now add a text box on List Item or List area for this right click on the List area then navigate to Insert then select Textbox from context menu as shown below.

You will see a text box is added on list area, now drag a Name column into text box.

After that, lets add one more textbox on list area and then drag ProductNumber column into textbox.

Now we will format the text box and list, select ProductNumber textbox then press F4, you will see a properties pane is opened on the right side.

Lets set ProductNumber textbox font as bold and set color to red as shown below.

For this just select color as Red, and Font weight as Bold.

Similarly, we will set Name textbox font as bold.

After that you can click on Preview tab to see the report design.

Lets add the border to List Item, select List Item and Press F4 you will see a rectangle properties pane opens.

Now select Border Style for list Item as shown below.

Now lets, click on Preview tab to see the final report report.

Now you can see, a list report is ready, as it is a simple demo how to create a list report, you can create a List report as per your requirement.

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