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Display check box for active and inactive values in SSRS

This article demonstrate how to display check box for active and inactive values or you can say true and false values in SSRS report.

You can see, here we have a sample report named RptPaymentStatus.

Lets see the report preview, and you can see it display the payment status of customer.

Value 1 in PayementRecevied column indicate that payment has been received from customer, and value 0 indicates that payment has not been received yet.

Lets see how to implement the checkbox that will show the status of payment received or not.

If payment is received you will see a checkbox with tick mark or if payment is not received you will see a blank checkbox.

First we will add a new column on the right side of report, for this just right click on last column header that is PaymentReceived, then navigate to Insert Column and select Right from context menu.

Once you done with this, a new column is created, after that select newly created column then press F4 to open the properties window for this column as shown below.

Once the properties window open, then expand Font property then select Wingdings from FontFamily dropdown.

After that, a Expression window opens. Now in category section click on fields, then select LastPaymentReceived column from Values section.

Now modify the expression in expression builder as shown below.

=IIF(Fields!LastPaymentReceived.Value, CHR(254), CHR(168))

Here we have specified an expression CHR(254), which displays a character checkbox with tick mark, and expression CHR(168) displays a character with blank checkbox.

It is as simple that when expression evaluated as true, it displays a character checkbox marked as tick, and when it evaluated as false then it displays a character blank checkbox.

Once you done with this, just click on OK button.

Now you will see, the value for newly created column would be given through an expression that you created.

Now time to see the final report, lets go to preview window and see the implementation.

And you can see the, checkbox marked as tick for value 1 in PaymentReceived column  and empty checkbox for value 0 in PaymentRecevied  column.

You can remove PaymentReceived column from report, as you are now displaying a checkbox characters for payment received status.

Right click on PaymentReceived column, and select Delete Columns.

After that, give a name to new column as Payment Received.

Now, see the report preview as shown below.

In case, if you want to display any other characters then you can search on google for wingdings checkbox, font, or characters based on your requirements.

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