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Auto Refresh SSRS Report Data

This article demonstrate how to auto refresh SSRS report data, in SSRS report you can set auto refresh time interval (in seconds) for report, at the specified time interval report gets refreshed automatically, means when you set time interval to 5 seconds, you will see that in every 5 seconds the report gets refreshed automatically.

Lets see the step by step implementation of auto refresh SSRS report data.

As you can see, here we have a sample report as shown below.

Lets see the report preview.

You can see, it displays the Total Amount by Product and Category. There are 13 records in dataset as of now.

Note: keep this preview page open for now, and do not click on design page or reload the report as we need to check what happens when a new record is added in table, does it reflect in report without refreshing the report page.

Lets assume that, a new record is inserted in SQL Server database table, but it will not reflect in report until you refresh the report data manually or run the report again.

Lets see what happens when a new record is inserted in table.

As you can see, we have inserted one record in ProdCate table.

Lets see the records in table, and you can see now table have 14 records.

Lets go back to preview page that you had left open, and you can see a new record does not reflect in report immediately. Still there are 13 records, while in table we have now 14 records.

Now click on Refresh button, and you can see now new record is reflecting in report. The total number of records in report is 14 now.

So far, we have seen that a new records does not reflect until we refresh the report data manually, interact with report, or re-run the report again.

In case, if you do not want to refresh the report data manually, or you have a requirement where you want to refresh report data automatically then you can set auto refresh for report.

To set auto refresh for report data, you can set time interval for AutoRefresh property.

By default the time interval is set to 0 that means no auto refresh.

For this, on report page press F4 to open the report property and find the AutoRefresh property.

Here we have set a AutoRefresh time interval for report as 5 second. Means in every 5 second report data get refreshed automatically.

Once you done with this, lets go back to SQL Server Management Studio and add one new record in table.

Now you can see, there are 15 records in table.

Now quickly go back to same preview page, and if you still see 14 records do not worry just wait for 5 second as we have set an auto refresh time interval for 5 second.

You can see, how report data get refreshed in 5 second.

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