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Show Group By Running total in SSRS

This article demonstrate, how to show Running total/Cumulative total within grouping, if you do not know what is cumulative total then you can refer article show running total in SSRS.

Lets see how to implement cumulative total within grouping.

You will also notice that report data is grouped based on Product.

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Lets see the preview of report. You can see, it displays the total amount by Product and Category.

Lets displays the Product wise cumulative total for amount.

For this first we add a new column in report, just right click on last column header then navigate to Insert column and select Right.

Once you done with this, you will see a new column is created.

Now right click on newly created column then select fx Expression… from context menu.

Once you click on Expression, you will see a Expression window opens.

Now go to Category section and expand the Common Functions category, then select a Aggregate function from category.

After that, in Item section double click on RunningValue function.

After that, lets complete the expression, go to field category and select the Amount.

and complete the expression as shown below.

=RunningValue(Fields!Amount.Value, SUM,"Product")

After that click on OK button.

Now give a name to newly created column as cumulative Total, and you can see the value for this column will be given through expression.

Now see the report output in preview page.

You can see, it returns cumulative total for each individual products.


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