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SSRS Shared DataSets

SSRS Shared Dataset is a dataset which is created by using Shared Data Source and deployed to Report Server. Shared Dataset can be used by multiple reports.

Following are the steps to create a shared dataset in SSRS-

First, right click on the Shared Datasets folder under the solution explorer.

Next, select the Add New Dataset from the context menu


Once, we click on Add New Dataset, a Shared Dataset properties pop up window opens.

Then in a Query tab, we see a various options as given below.

  1. Name: Specify a data set name that you want to create, it should be a unique .
  2. Data Source: Select an existing data source from the drop down list box , If there is no data source in drop down list then you have to create a new data source first > click on the New button to create SSRS Shared Data Source.
  3. Query Type:
    • Text:  Choose this option if you want to write T-SQL query.
    • Table: Choose the table that you want to use for this SSRS Shared Data set.
    • Stored Procedure: specify the stored procedure that you want to use for report.
  4. Query: If you choose text : then you can provide a T- SQL query here, if you choose stored procedure then you have to select a stored procedure name from drop down list box.
  5. Query Designer: If you click on Query Designer button, it opens a Query Designer GUI. It allows you to write and validate query output. (see screen shot -Query Designer window )
  6. Import: If you have already a T-SQL script , you can import it directly from here.


Screen shot- Query Designer window.


Then click on Fields tab, Here you can rename the columns, add or delete the columns.

In Option tab- Here you can customize the data set for collation, case sensitivity and other options.

Filter tab- You can apply filter on rows based on given condition.

Parameter- You can specify the parameter for data set .

Finally, click on OK button to finish the final step, now see in the solution explorer inside the Shared Datasets folder a data set is created.

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