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UPPER Function DAX

UPPPER function is a Power BI text functions which converts a text string to all uppercase letters.


UPPER (<text>)

text is the text you want converted to uppercase, or a reference to a column that contains text.

Lets look at an example of using UPPER function in Power BI.

Here we have a sample data named Employee as shown below.

Copy Sample data:
Name Code
Pradeep Singh Xvsd-032
Sushant Agarwal vFSg-57
mandeep kumar gyre-36
Rhoit Singh GYSa-32
sujoy singh Fse3-35
Manoj Rawat gsga-23

Using UPPER Function

Assume that you want to see all employee name in uppercase, then you can use UPPER function as shown below.

Lets add a new column in table Employee.

Go to Field pane, right click on Employee dataset and select new column from context menu.

Or you can also add new column using different way, go to Data view page, and click on New column inside Table Tools tab.

Now write following DAX, which uses UPPER function and returns all the name in uppercase.

CovertToUpper = UPPER(Employee[Name])
Once you commit the Dax, a new column is created into dataset Employee.

Now to see the output, go to data view page, there you can see all the name strings are converted into uppercase.

What happen if your string contains Non-alphabetic characters

In case when string contains Non-alphabetic characters then UPPER function does not affect them, and only coverts alphabetic characters into uppercase.

You can see Code column in Employee dataset having mix alphanumeric string means it contains mix characters such as alphabets and numeric characters.

Lets use UPPER function to converts code string into uppercase.

Again, we will add a new column in dataset as shown below.

CovertToUpper_Mix = UPPER(Employee[Code])

 You can see, Code string are converted into uppercase,  and non-alphabetic characters are not affected.
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