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Unichar function DAX

UNICHAR function is a power BI DAX text function that returns Unicode character referenced by the numeric value.


DAX Syntax


number is a unicode number that represents the character, and returns an error, number is zero.

Lets look at an example of UNICHAR function

The following DAX measure RedColor returns the character represented by the Unicode number 128992 that is red color circle character.

RedColor = UNICHAR(128992)


Lets drag the measure to the card visual

Lets look at an another example using dataset

Here we have a sample dataset named as customerfeedback.

Which contains the customer names along with the ratings (out of 5) given by them for resturanent service.

Lets dispaly the ratings in terms of visual like if customer has given 2 rating then display two star, if 5 then 5 star.

Following Dax measure uses the Dax function REPT, that repeats text a given number of times , for text we provide a UNICHAR Code number 11088 that returns the yellow star character.

Ratings = REPT(UNICHAR(11088), AVERAGE(CutomerFeedback[ServiceFeedback]) )

Lets use matrix visual to dispaly the Customer and ratings given by them.

You can also use another unicode character to make your visual more interactive, You can get various unicode character symbol from website – URL

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