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Personalize Visuals Preview Power BI

Introduction to Personalize Visuals Preview feature in Power BI

Power BI introduced a Personalize Visuals Preview features in May 2020 updates. When Personalize Visuals Preview feature is enabled for report then end-user can explore and personalize the visuals within report.

Users can make changes in report the way they want it and save the modified report as personal bookmarks for later view. To make changes in report does not require any permission from report author.

Following are the steps to enable personalize visuals feature and implementation.

Go to Ribbon bar, click on File tab then click on Options and Settings.


After that Options window opens, Select Preview features then on the right side in Preview features window, select Personalize Visuals then click on OK button

Implementation of Personalize Visuals 

Here, we have one report named as SalesReport, for this report we want to give functionality to end-user that they can explore and able to make changes in visual as per the way they want it.



First we need to publish the Power BI desktop report to Power Bi service so that user can access it on web.

Now Go to Ribbon bar, click on Publish button.

If you have not already signed into the Power BI service, then you will be prompted to provide your login credentials.

After that a Publish to Power Bi window opens on screen. Select workspace name to which you want to publish your report.

Next click on select button.

Once you click on Select button, you can see a Publishing to Power BI window that let you know that your report is being published.

Once process is completed, you can see a success message with link URL to open report on Power Bi service.

Click on that link.

Once you click on that link you are navigate to Power BI service on browser. Here you can see your report on web.



Now click on Home tab, then select workspace under you published the report.



Then select Reports tab, there you can see your report.

Next click on setting icon button, and you see a window opens on the right side of screen.

Scroll down slowly on that window.


First find Hide the visual header in reading view feature and disable it, if it is enable

Then keep scrolling slowly downwards, then find Personalize Visuals(Preview) feature and enable it.

Then Click on Save button.

Now go back to your report, then just hover the mouse on any visual, you will see a personalize this visual icon appears on visuals.

lets hover the mouse on Stacked column chart, as shown in below screenshot, then click on Personalize this visual icon.


After clicking on that icon, a personalize window opens.

that gives you option to customize the visual the way you want it.

You can also see all the column fields in your dataset, that you can see if you click on any type such as axis, legend, or values.

That means you can set any of property for visuals in terms of axis, legend, or values or other property depends on visual type as per your need.

Lets change the visual from stacked column chart to stacked bar chart, click on Visualization type dropdown.

Next, select the stacked bar chart.


Once you select stacked bar chart, you can see your visual is changed on report.



Lets change table visual to multi-row card visual. Perform same step as we did just above.


You can see now table visual is changed to multi-row card.


After that you can also save you modified report as personal bookmarks, so that you can view that modified report later anytime.

Click on bookmarks button, click on Personal bookmarks 

Give name to your report and click on save button.


Now you can verify your report that is saved as bookmark, click on bookmark and you can see your report under personal bookmarks.

Here is your modified report.


If you want to explore more on Personalize visuals feature then you can read microsoft documentation on this – URL

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