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Page Navigation in Power BI

Introduction to Page Navigation in Power BI

Power BI introduced a Navigation between pages through buttons in March 2020 updates.

It allows you to navigate from one page to another within Power Bi Report. Previously, to create a page navigation in Power BI, you needed to create bookmarks, and buttons to perform action to that bookmark.

Definitely, Page Navigation functionality has reduced a lots of efforts, now no need to create a bookmarks to implement the page navigation functionality in Power Bi. It can be easily done by just setting up a button action property to page navigation.

Lets see a step by step implementation of Page Navigation buttons in Power Bi.

Here we have a sample dataset named as Sales, just for demo purpose not taking a large dataset.

City              Sales              Status

Hardiwar 57547625 ACTIVE
Delhi 78956454 ACTIVE
Gurgaon 3575378 INACTIVE
Haldwani 4858378 INACTIVE
Dehradoon 43648 INACTIVE
Roorkee 36374584 ACTIVE

We have created a two pages in Power Bi desktop report as shown in below screenshot.

Report Page 1- Sales


Report Page 2- SalesByCityStatus


Lets see the implementation of Page navigation between Page Sales to SalesByCityStatus and SalesByCityStatus to Sales .

On Page – Sales, we will implement a page navigation button that navigates to Page – SalesBycityStaus.

Go to Ribbon layout, then Click on Insert tab, Inside that Insert tab go to Buttons icon, and click on that. If you are using old Ribbon layout then you may get buttons inside home tab.

Now you will see a list of available buttons in different – different shapes, now you can choose any of button as per your requirement.

Lets click on Right arrow shape.

Once you click on that, you can see button on report page.


Now, will set formatting for button to make it more interactive in look and feel, also set a action property for button.

Lets turned on the icon property, Set Line color, and increase a shape size, set weight to 6.

If you want to give a name to button, then turned on Button Text property.

You can also set other properties, It totally depends on your interest.

Now time to set a action on button that will navigate user to SalesBycityStatus page.

Go to Action property and turned on it.

Click on Type dropdown, and select Page Navigation.


Next, click on Destination dropdown, It will show you a list of all the pages that you have in your report except the current page you are working on.

Now select a page to which you want to navigate to user on button click.

Here we have selected a page SalesByCityStatus.


By finishing this step, you implement a navigation for page sales. So, whenever user will click on this button, it will navigate to SalesBycityStatus page.

Now, will implement a Navigation on SalesByCityStatus page, that navigate to user back to  Sales page.

We will use a same steps as we did on page Sales, go to ribbon layout and select a arrow shape button but this time we select a left  arrow button.

Now, set a button text, and icon property for this button in similar way as did on page sales.

Now provides a action property for button. We have set a destination as Sales, so clicking on button, navigates to Sales page.

Now you are done with Navigation step, time to check the implementation.

Click on button (CTRL + click  when using PBI Desktop) on Sales page, you will see it navigates you to SalesByCityStatus page, and when you click on button on SalesByCityStatus, it navigates you to back to the Sales Page.



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