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Publish Report to Power Bi Service

Publish Report to Power Bi Service

When you create a report in Power Bi desktop, and you want to share the report with end-users then you can publish the report to Power Bi services.

When Power BI report is published to Power Bi service, all visuals, measures and reports are all packaged and published to Power BI service.

Lets see, how to publish Power Bi desktop file to Power Bi Services.

Here, we have one report named as SalesReport as shown in below screenshot.


First we need to publish the Power Bi desktop report to Power Bi service so that user can access it on web.

Now Go to Ribbon bar, click on Publish button.

If you are re not already signed into the Power BI service, then you will be prompted to provide your login credentials.

After that a Publish to Power Bi window opens on screen then you need to select workspace, If you have more than one workspace for publishing, you will need to choose one to which you want to publish your report.

Next click on select button.


Once you click on Select button, you can see a Publshing to Power Bi window that let you know that your report is being published.

Once process is completed, you can see a success message with link Url to open report on Power Bi service.

If you want to see the report on Power Bi service then you can Click on that link(SalesReport.pbix).



Once you click on that link you are navigate to Power Bi service on default browser. Here you can see your report on web.


You can also find report , and dataset inside workspace, Click on workspace under you have have published the report, then click on Reports tab.

Once you click on Report you can see all the report that is published under workspace.

If you want to see dataset then click on Datasets tab.

There you can see all the datasets published under the workspace.


Republished the Report

You can modify your report in Power Bi desktop and republish them to Power Bi service again.

Whenever you publish a desktop report to power bi service, if you get a notification window saying “Replace this datasets?” that means the workspace you are publishing to already contains a dataset with the same name, so will be asked if you want to replace it.

It is as simple, you are republishing a report and want to replaces your changes with an existing report in Power Bi service.



Remember, do not change the report name while republishing the report otherwise you will not get any replace this dataset notification window and report will be published to Power Bi service as a new report.


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