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SQL @@Language Function

SQL Server @@Language is a configuration function that returns the name of the language currently being used.



Return Type of @@LANGUAGE is nvarchar.

Lets look at an example showing functionality of @@Language function in SQL Server.

Following statement uses @@language function and returns the language name that is currently being used by SQL Server.


SELECT @@LANGUAGE AS 'Language Name';


As you can see, it returns current language ‘us_english’.

You can also change the default language for SQL Server using SET language function.

Lets change the SQL Server Current Language from US English to Spanish.


SELECT @@LANGUAGE AS 'Language Name'



You can also see the list of valid official languages supported by SQL Server, using stored prodedure  sp_helplanguage.


 EXEC sp_helplanguage;


As you can see, it returns the detailed information about all languages supported by SQL Server.




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